I heard Don Morgan talk, yesterday, about some bad habits that are actually good for you, so I thought I would turn the tables on things. What about healthy habits that could be bad for you?

Guess what? There are several! Here are 5 that really caught my eye:

1. Drinking water. Remember when we were taught to drink eight 8 ounce glasses a day? Scientists are now fighting over that amount. Some say that too much disrupts the sodium levels in your body. Of course, if you drink bottled water there is the issue of chemicals from the plastic leaching into the water.  Don't stop drinking water, though.

2. Sunscreen use. Yes, sunscreen helps prevent skin cancers and damage to skin, but too much can be a bad thing. Here's what most people forget; Vitamin D is created by exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is vital to several aspects of our overall health, so blocking the sun's rays too much can actually cause our health to deteriorate. Damned if you do and damned if you don't, huh?

3. Brushing your teeth after meals. Old school thinking was that doing this helped fight plaque. Now, it's been discovered that doing so softens the enamel, especially if you've eaten acidic foods. That means your teeth get soft and break down quicker. So, wait at least a half hour after meals to brush.

4. Catching up on sleep over the weekend. We love this one. How can it be bad!?! It actually causes you to be tired and more stressed on Monday morning. The best way to catch up on sleep is to go to bed an hour earlier the next time you go to sleep. Sorry. catching up is a myth.

5. Changing to a fat free diet. Fat causes weight gain, or so we all thought. But apparently, so do artificial sweeteners and salt added to the fat free foods. Surprise! more people gain weight eating fat free diets. Here's what to do; talk to your doctor about what fats you should eat and then simply eat in moderation and exercise regularly.

Remember, just because it's healthy doesn't mean its good for you! Do your research.