Binghamton is a college town, so we should know all of our U.S. Presidents right?

I am going to be that we don't, which is why I think Presidents Day should be about learning more about our past leaders. Let's start with 5 that most people don't know at all.

1. Martin Van Buren. He was our 8th President and served from 1837-1841. Van Buren had to deal with the first great depression "the Panic of 1837". Believing in Thomas Jefferson's ideal of government being as small as possible, he did not offer government assistance to get out of it....which they did.

2. Franklin Pierce. Pierce was our 14th President and flamed the fire that became the Civil War. He is currently thought to be one of the worst Presidents in history because of his actions. He is the only Commander-in-Chief from New Hampshire.

3. Chester A. Arthur. He became our 21st President after James Garfield was assassinated. Arthur was from Upstate, but ended up becoming a big part of New York City's political machine (before his Presidency). As president, he surprised many by doing what was best for the people and not the machine.

4. Warren G. Harding. Harding was elected 29th President by a country filled with war weary people. They had hoped he would restore a lighter atmosphere to the Land of the Free. Harding was a Senator and Newspaper Publisher before taking office. Of note: Harding was a gambler who once lost a set of White House China in a single hand of cards.

And now the least known:
5. Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President and the grandson of 9th President William Henry Harrison, who died in office after only one month. Of note, he modernized the Navy, pushed for federal education funding (which failed) and signed the Sherman Antitrust Act. he served only one term in office.

So now that you have become acquainted with these former leaders, it might be fun to google the rest and learn more! I will.