Holidays need to be longer. A three-day extended weekend is just not enough, especially when you are having fun.

I usually spend my warm weather holidays at a campground. Nothing like being in the country along with other happy campers who have the same thought process - having fun in the outdoors.

This past weekend was filled with activities where I camp, as it usually is on a 4th of July weekend. Horseshoes, live music, kids games, craft fair, bingo, a chicken barbeque, amazing fireworks show and a golf cart parade. Yes, a golf cart parade.

Every year, the campground encourages those with golf carts to dress them up, 4th of July style. This was my second year participating. Every year, prizes are awarded. Last year, I thought I had a decorated cart worthy of being one of the best, but little did I know how serious some campers are.

My golf cart looked empty compared to others. This year I upped the ante with more decorations - the best you can buy at the local dollar store. But again, I stood no chance against these very serious competitors. Of course, the reason for the parade is to celebrate our Independence, not win prizes, so with that in mind, I joined in the parade and proudly showed off my display for the 4th of July celebration.

The only disappointed campers were the kids. Apparently, they expected candy to be thrown, and alas, I had none. Maybe next year. Happy 4th of July.