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The votes are all in, the battles are done.
Thanks Whale Listeners for your participation.
The Whale Bowl dosen't work without your votes!

To recap day three, we began the morning with The Rolling Stones easily defeating Bachman-Turner Overdrive during a Round Two battle, setting up what we knew would be a nasty battle between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin.
Zepp has won the championship two out of the last three years are are the defending champs.

After exhausting the phones and the voices of Big Wally and Lee Ann Taylor, Skynyrd came out on top, closing the door on a back to back crown for Led Zeppelin.
We still love them though!
The final Round Two battle resulted in Pink Floyd destroying Foreigner.

On to Round Three where we began with Creedence Clearwater Revival inching past The Eagles by a mere two votes, The Beatles also winning by two votes over Tom Petty, and AC/DC squeaking past The Rolling Stones, although I must admit, the Stones fans were very passionate during their voting, just not enough to carry Mick and company into Round Four.
That left one more Round Three battle between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Pink Floyd.
Somehow Skynyrd keeps running into Classic Rock heavyweights, but none the less, emerged victorious by, you guessed it, the magical two vote margin.
What is it with the number two?

On to Round Four.
Four Classic Rock groups left.
The Beatles met up with Creedence Clearwater Revivial and survived by only one vote to make it into the Championship Round.
The final Round Four battle set up Lynyrd Skynyrd, winner of several past Whale Bowls, with another past winner - AC/DC.
Could the boys from the South hold off an attack by the Boys from Down Under?
You bet, and by a 15 vote margin.

So now we have the Championship Round ready to go - Lynyrd Skynyrd vs. The Beatles.
Americans against the Brits (ed. note - I love England. Pretty countryside, and very nice people!)
Would Holly Dagger be up for the challenge of handling call after call until the Whale Lines give out, or would she buckle under the pressure of this cooker?
The battle raged on in the late afternoon with voters vigorously calling in to insure their favorite Classic Rocker would emerge victorious.
When time was up, the phones were closed down, the dust settled, Holly let out a sigh of relief, and the votes were counted.
The winner had amassed a whopping 41 votes over it's competitor.
Who has been crowned the 26th annual Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll Champion?
That makes it title number five since the year 2000.

Congrats to the boys from the South and a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted over the past 3 days, making this  such a fun event to do.
Bring on the 27th Annual Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll!